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 Mr. John Park passed away 15th March 2005
All you past WHS students will know Mr. Park. Yesterday he died from diabetes and he also had cancer. His funeral is 1pm on Friday 18th March @ St George & St. John's church in Whakatane.
Amy Black 16/03/2005

 Goodbye Mr.Park
Today there is a tear in my eyes, but the fondness in my heart will always live on. You brought something special to my school days. Thank you.
Grant McChesney 18/03/2005

 One great teacher
even through the times you lifted up my desk and put me outside, may I add EVERY period with you. You were still a neat teacher and I will never forget you Mr Parks.
Toni Brown 3/06/2005

 Ka aroha hoki.....
An awesome, inspirational teacher who had lots of faith in his students. Always colourful and flamboyant lessons!
Maralyn Rangipai Eruera 13/07/2005

Mr Parks
Michael Davies 15/08/2005

RIP MR PARKS WHAT A LOVELY MAN The previous thread was meant to be me not my husband. Robyn Davies(McDonald)1981-82
Robyn Davies 15/08/2005

 Mr Park
I still have vivid memories of Mr Park teaching us geography - and he would yell to get the class quiet! He was a great teacher - there should be more like him.
Coralie Myers 29/08/2005

 Rest In Peace J B Parks
From all those students whose lives that you touched, and especially all the boys in the Cricket first XI who shared your humour and wisdom.You will be missed.
Gareth Lewell 13/09/2005

 Mr. J. Parks
Sad to hear of Mr. Parks' passing. I will never forget his sly wit and how he made Othello much more interesting in 7th form English. Rest In Peace, Sir.
Amy Munro 15/11/2005

Thanks Mr Parks
I became an English teacher because of you. You encouraged me and gave me books to read. I had you as my English teacher for three of the 5 years I was there. You were such a Big man, larger than life. I have never forgotten you. Juana
Juana Slater 7/10/2006

 Goodbye Mr Park
I loved English and he was one of my favourite teachers. I always meant to tell him I'd become a journalist but missed the opportunity. He will be missed - he was one of a kind!
Faye King 1/07/2007

 John Park Master of Words
Great guy, I always remember him calling Dickens "Great Expectations" Great Expectorations. I can't see that title now without laughing.
Pat Lane 16/08/2007

 Memories of PK
John was a family friend - he taught my mother English at nightschool in 1967. By the time I arrived at high school my two elder brothers had already been taught by John. He took a special interest with my education and taught me that reading was fun and by plying me with books I wouldn't normally choose, extended my already over active imagination. When my mum died, I came back to Whakatane and the first person I went to see was John. He was so inspiring and extra ordinary - another of his
Jennifer Finucane 18/01/2011


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