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 Remember getting CAINED!
I always remember getting a 'small'cain on the ass by Mr Gorden every time for not wearing the correct P.E gear.(in 1976) i.e yellow top & black shorts. That use to sting more than the 6 of the best I got from 'preacherman'Mr.Mitchell for me and Jeffery Te Ranga for throwing chalk at each other during our lunch break. Gorden always had that sly grin on his face when we (always a group of us)lined up for our 'beauty' treatment cheeky bugger! Mr Doug Wright threatened the faeces out of mi
Phillip Nikora 11/02/2006

 getting caned
did you ever get the cane from smiley mason ??? 6 of the best his was about 1 hit 5 misses
Graeme Baker 28/06/2009


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