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Kelly (Wallbank) Randle
hi id like to get in contact with Kelly wallbank, to offer condolances for her little one, Luka. does anybody have her new email?
Anna Haggie 1/05/2006

 Roger & Kelly
The news of the death of there son was very sad. I was disgusted that the Hawkes Bay Today also dragged up the rape incident, how heartless of them at such a sensitive time. I have contact with Roger and Kellys sister in law here in Brisbane so i will pass your message on and hopefully you can contact Kelly.
Margaret Edwards 15/05/2006

hi anna im kelly's cousin.Just to let you know she doesnt really email something about internet connection being slow! if you want i can pass on your contact details to her if you like.
Nikki Manning-fargher 4/07/2006

I see they are home so will catch them up, thanx for your time though!
Anna Haggie 1/09/2006

If anyone in contact with kel please say hi. I was sad to read of her loss. I think of her every year due to bday 4 days apart. I enjoyed her friendship at terrace.
Eva Boyd 30/05/2009


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