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Jacqueline Kumeroa 17/06/2006

 Also remembering....
Liz McGuire, Aaron Dent, Jadene Savage, Katie Boyd...and ofcourse again Mark Roia, life will never be quite the same mate, I'm sorry you never got to see all that life had for you and the rest of us, missn you.
Charlotte Hughes 7/08/2006

 Sorry but now its time to lay a bombing
I just want to say may you REST IN PEACE Liz McGuire and the others,I remeber when we all heard that Liz passed away and i designed a big bombing dat i was gonna do down Kope when i was a tagger now im living in Wellington and gonna do a mission in the next couple of weeks i want to a photo of it when its finished on this page.RIP.
Hoko Keepa 31/08/2006

 Brook Tarau
A waste of a good mate. Died during a school camp in 1988 at Te Kaha. Fell off a cliff. Kei te maumahara tonu ki a koe e te hoa. From all of us of that era!
Reuben Collier 13/09/2006

 Tapson Te Kurapa
I heard this brother passed away and sadly didn't make it to his tangi. Ex David Hogg Boy - 80's - younger brother of Haniko. A tough falla with a kind heart. Moe mai ra e te toa o Ruatahuna.
Reuben Collier 13/09/2006

 Chris Scott
Tragically killed in plane accident.Condolances to to his family ,wife,and children. RIP BRO.
Peter Cousins 29/10/2006

 awesome teacher
To mr john parkes, wish i had listened to you more in class, you were an awesome teacher now that i have growen up and realised you werent banging that ruler down on my desk for nothing. RIP mr parkes, never forgotten.
Toni Brown 31/10/2006

 Mr Parks
"RIP" Sir you were a great teacher, I had you in 1984 as a 4th former, remember youre whare at the back of the gym
Vanessa Carman 26/11/2006

Damus Hiakita
"RIP" Bro he was my cousin, good mate tragic and sad loss, a mean guitar player, ka nui te aroha cous, Arohanui Ness
Vanessa Carman 26/11/2006

 Pita Morunga " Sir"
He was unarguably the best, being around him was always hmmm entertaining. Remember these words 'Girl, got a light' then 'Girl, got a smoke' his classroom always smelled of smoke cos he would butt out with his fingers into the rubbish bin, the days when there were no smoking regulations. The orange 'ute' he had we always used it to go get mussells at Ohiwa with Don Taka, many happy memories that remain always Ka nui te aroha Sir, Arohatino, tino nui Ness
Vanessa Carman 26/11/2006

Too many
Ken Hansen, Kane Hulse, Tony Kirk, Chris Scott, Lisa Rastrick, Tim Larsen, Gael Robins, Maree Frank. Most never made it to 30. Too many. RIP.
Lisa Funnell 27/01/2007

 Also remembering
Damian Wharawera R.I.P bro sadly missed by all
Steve Wetini 12/02/2007

 Cedric Joyce
My cuz to learn from you was awesome cut down in his prime leaving behind a sad and angry whanau with questions of why? i wasnt there in da end cuz but forever will you be in my heart
Ashley Kawana 23/06/2007

 Chur Chur
I'd like 2 Thank the Teachers 4 giving my space.
John Honiana Collier 14/07/2008

i just seen this thread Mrs Rafter (my hman bio teacher...see mr rafter around and still remembers me WOW) Wendy Scanlan (sat with me in Geography my very first day in 1981 at WHS as a 5th former)she was great.
Robyn Davies 30/07/2008

 Great schools are not only about great teachers
But it helps...
Paul Whitinui 24/08/2008

past mates ,RIP, David Flemming, Selwin Lawson. Billy Anderson,Frances Carter, Keith Gilgren, Phillip Royal, Alan Mitchell.
Russell Old 19/11/2008

past mates ,RIP, David Flemming, Selwin Lawson. Billy Anderson,Frances Carter, Keith Gilgren, Phillip Royal, Alan Mitchell.
Russell Old 19/11/2008

 a great teacher & 2 bro's
I remember my 4th form Maori teacher Sid Melbourne. He was man back in the day. He was the Maori version of the fonze, and a massive teacher. Nothing bugged him. Also my 2 bro's George Gamble and Casper Merito. Moe mai koutou ma, moe mai i roto i te ringa kaha o aitua.
Joe Ngatoro 19/08/2009

 Joseph Maru
We were good mates from primary to High school and after.Died in a car accident in Ruatoki.One of the best mates I ever had the pleasure of walking this planet with.R.I.P brother
Willie Tauroa 6/01/2013

 Passed on.
Davina Kora. Myron Strang. Fredina Harawira. Coline Honana. Stephanie Bush. Hira Tawa. Michael Herewini. Damus Hiakita. James Morehu.etc...
Rachael Belshaw 23/11/2014


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