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R.I.P Emily Macklow
She sadly passed away at age 24. She will me missed very much. Condolences to her family and her husband.
Julia Reyland 8/01/2007

R.I.P Emily. Your husband and family are in our thoughts.
Shelley Holdsworth 8/01/2007

Im soo sorry to hear that. can i ask what happen, my throughts go out u everyone she was a lovley person
Jessica Richardson 5/02/2007

thats really sad to hear
Thats not good to hear, hope everyone is ok, But what happened????? she was always so happy and well
Annemarie Linton 12/02/2007

 Emily Macklow
She died due to a horse riding accident, which shocked many family & friends. She had just recently been married to her beloved husband. She was a family friend of my two older sister's. She will forever be sadly missed.
Aisha Healey 28/02/2007

 im sooo sorry
she was such a lovely and caring person soo sorry to hear about this.
Jessica Richardson 17/03/2007

Oh goodness, I never knew Emily personally she was a year ahead in school. I do remember her giving a few readings during assembly and seeing her around. She i think had carried out what was intended for her in this life, maybe that's why she was taken away so young. She was always the achiever at school. RIP Emily!!!
Tina Konia 4/09/2007

Oh my gosh!
I hada heard about Emilys passing but I thought it was a rumour! I can't believe she's gone! I remember her from school!!! My condolenses to her and her family...
Pauline Tupe 31/08/2009


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