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Anela Scarfe.
Does anyone know her whereabouts??
Noelene Atkins 10/08/2008

Angela Scarfe.
Sorry! spelt her name wrong.
Noelene Atkins 10/08/2008

 Angela Scarfe
Hi not 100% sure but believe she is living in Australia.
Anderson Nicola 14/04/2009

Angela Scarfe
I believe you are asking after my aunty. She has 4 siblings their names are Graham Glenda Christina and Gaylene. They lived down Gordon Road when they were kids. If this is the one your after she lives in Brisbane Australia and married years and years ago to her name is now Angela Baker.
Karlee Fowler 13/05/2009

id love to get in contact with her again, could you send on my details ,,, cheers
Fiona Batkins 28/03/2010


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